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Types Of Abuse claims

If you’ve experienced abuse, either sexual or physical, or both, but you aren’t sure if you may have a claim for compensation, please feel free to contact the Abuse Lawyers team. We can help you to claim for recent abuse, or abuse that happened in the past or in childhood. Our specialist physical and sexual abuse solicitors can also assist with claims on behalf of another person, such as your child or dependant.


Understandably, many of our clients are worried about the thought of having to go to court. The good news is, it’s usually possible to settle child abuse compensation claims out of court. Almost all the cases our child abuse claims solicitors have dealt with have been settled without the need to go to court, so it’s very likely your claim will be concluded without you having to attend a court hearing at all.

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Court cases

If your case is one of the very few that does go to court, we know that relating your traumatic experiences won’t be an easy thing for you to do, so we will offer support throughout the process. We’ll ensure you know what to expect, and keep you informed at every stage, so that you feel as well prepared as you can be.

Complex Cases

Child abuse is probably the widest known type of abuse. Here the abuser can be a member of the same family, relative, friend or stranger. The abuse usually starts with the grooming process, and then escalates to emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. When this occurs historically, internationally or various other complex scenarios, we will always be by your side to help.

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